Friday, August 12

August Desktop Download

Can You believe August is half over? Here's a little inspiration for August. This quote comes from famous graphic designer, Paul Rand. Not only does his quote inspire, but so does his work. He created the first UPS logo, which is so gorgeous it makes you wonder why they changed it. 

To download click on a your screen resolution above and it will take you to another site where you can download it. The color may look a little funky until you download the file. This wallpaper is free for personal, desktop use only and should not be distributed or altered without my consent. If you would like to use this for other purposes, please contact me.

Monday, August 8


Hello Friends! Sorry I've been away for so long. The baby, hubs, and I moved back to Idaho but took a two week vacation on the way. We started at "the river" where we had loads of fun with my mom's family, then headed to Utah for Aspen grove (which I mentioned before). There we spent a luxurious week (no cooking, no cleaning) with my dad's fam and wore our awesome family reunion t-shirts (more on that later). Over the 2 weeks I've had very minimal internet access and now that we our back in Idaho, we are trying to get the internet hooked up at our apartment. Hopefully that happens soon so I can share what I've worked on lately (one word, stripes)! Anyhoo, for now it's unpacking and trying to get back into a routine.