Wednesday, July 20

Fancy Travel: Ol' Paris

One of my greatest passions in life is traveling, I love to travel! I love new cultures, not knowing the language, foreign transportation, I love it all. Almost three years ago I had the Opportunity to go on a tour across Europe with BYU-Idaho (where I went to school) for a month. Due to this trip it is now one of my life goals to live in Europe, not forever, but for a few years. The ultimate dream would be to live in a quaint European town where they rides bikes everywhere!

Last week, I'm a little embarrassed to admit,  I went to see Monte Carlo with my sister. Let me just tell you, they had me when the girls arrive at the Sacre Coeur. The beginning of the movie is set in Paris so I was happy. In the movie they visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Sacre Coeur, so did I! I think my sister was getting sick of me saying, "I went there, I stood RIGHT THERE, oo I remember that." Yes I'm one of those movie watchers! Sorry but I could not help myself. When I see places I've been I'm as giddy as a school girl!

I thought I'd share a little of Paris with you today! (More pictures after the jump)

Friday, July 15

Fancy Stripes

Lately I have had a total obsession with stripes! I love to wear stripes (though they may not be very flattering), decorate with stripes, design with stripes, and pin images of stripes. I don't know what the appeal is but I have to have stripes.

Last week I went to that fashion district in L.A. (which is a must do if you are ever in California) in search of stripes! I was looking for a large navy and white striped fabric for baby's bed (more on this later) and I was hoping for a striped navy and white knit to use for a skirt or t-shirt dress. Well I found some dark teal-ish blue striped linen (which should still match baby's bedding) for a great price. I left home with no striped knit but I did get some black knit to make a t-shirt dress with stripes on top (I'll show you very soon).

Images via Sally, Kellie, Yvonne, Season, Veronica, Jamie, Becca, C F Ives on Pintrest

Thursday, July 14

Fancy Pintrest

Have you seen Pintrest? I've used it for inspiration for a while but I never got my own account, till now! It is so fun to pin things, repin things, and create inspiration boards. Since I signed up I've found a ton of projects that I'd like to attempt! You can follow me and see the things I fancy.

Stay tuned to the blog! I've been busy lately creating invitations and I'm even attempting some sewing projects (we'll see how that goes). Big things are going to start happening around here so check back  soon!

ps- if you're on Pintrest let me know, I want to see what you fancy too!

Friday, July 1

July desktop download

That's right, I got my act together and I made 2 backgrounds for this month! You are so Lucky! Background #1 is a quote I found several years ago from Bill Cosby

Background #2 is a summer night sky (maybe at a bbq).  Feel free to download either one or both and enjoy your July.

To download click on a your screen resolution above and it will take you to another site where you can download it. The color may look a little funky until you download the file.