Monday, April 11

invitation design

my wedding invitation

I love to design wedding invitations! They can be really extravagant or fairly simple. There are endless options for invitations. The invitation should say something about the couple and should be the intro to your wedding. To me receiving an invitation in the mail is like receiving a gift and it should feel like you're unwrapping a gift. I'll share more on my theories about invitations later...

surprise! we had hidden pictures behind the band

I've been working on several design projects for clients and the one I'm working on currently is for a Hawaiian themed wedding. Fun right? When we discussed what they wanted they mentioned a 5x7 card, front and back with the reception info on the back, and they liked the idea of having a border that the 4x6 picture they are adding would fit into. Their colors are coral and yellow and the bride mentioned hibiscus flowers, other than that I had total freedom.

Below you can flip through the invites (when you flip to the next page you'll see the front of the invite right next to it's corresponding back). I want to know what you think, which one would you choose if it were your wedding (I definitely know which one I would pick)?

If you or someone you know is interested in custom designed invitations, send me an email! I can work with any budget.

Thursday, April 7


I'd like to introduce you to my latest obsession! Aren't they cute? I'm lovin the zipper. For the last week I have been dreaming about these sandals and everything that I could wear them with. They are from BC Footwear and are a little pricey, but have you ever had a pair of BC shoes? I have a pair of their wedges that I bought about four years ago and they are still going strong plus they are way comfortable, so I wouldn't feel so bad investing in these babies. Check out the BC Footwear site, they have tons of other cute shoes too!

Saturday, April 2

6 weeks

Baby Camp is now 6 weeks! These pictures are one I took two weeks ago when he turned 1 month. I can't believe how much he has changed since we brought him home, and even in the last two weeks (he now getting a double chin). He started out at 5lbs 4oz and now we guess he's about 8lbs (real big, I know). He's starting to smile on purpose and cooing all the time. He loves to snuggle and loves to look at people (when we hold him over our shoulder he'll shift his body so he can look up at us) He's so chill, which I am so grateful for and we are just loving every minute with him (even at 4am). Thanks Aunt Kathy for the cute outfit and blanket