Tuesday, January 31

Try Something New

Have you always wanted to try something new on a whim or just create a new good habit? Watch this video. it may inspire you!

Monday, January 30

Kiah and Ramon's Invitations

I love a challenge, and this invitation was definitely that! When Kiah and Ramon decided that they wanted a mason jar on their invitation I was so scared. I am not an illustrator and don't pretend to be one, but I worked it out and gave them a mason jar. They loved it and I sort of love it too!

I went with a watercolor look done digitally in photoshop (something I hadn't tried before). This is definitely something I will be trying again! What do you think?

Friday, January 27

Friday Fancy

I find lots of things that I fancy throughout the week so I thought I'd share them with you. Here it goes in no particular order:

I hope your week was wonderful and that your weekend will be even better! I will be finishing up Mason's birthday invitations and sending them off (can't wait to share them)! I also have been envisioning a high waisted maxi skirt in cobalt blue, which I hopefully get done for Sunday!

image via colossal found on pinterest

Thursday, January 26

Confession #1

My name is Emily and I am a Wheel of Fortune addict. Phew! Feels good to get that off my chest! It's true: I, like millions of elderly in this country, love Wheel of Fortune, and on top of that, I am really good at it. I even had a Wheel of Fortune game that you could play on the TV plus I have a handheld version that's great for travel. Unfortunately we don't have cable so while we're in Idaho I can't watch. But last summer when we were living with my grandma every single night at 7pm we would sit down to watch Wheel, and I enjoyed every blissful second. Someday I will spin that wheel and win "big money" (come on big money)! Anyone want to be my partner for friends week?

Wednesday, January 25

Tune In

This week in our home we are trying a little experiment! We realized that we had been watching too much TV (or Hulu rather since we don't have cable) so this week we are making a change! We are not watching any shows, except for 2. I have allotted myself two hours this week to watch The Bachelor and Parenthood (what?). I was kind of worried about quitting cold turkey because I am home all day with Mason and usually have something running just for the noise (it's so quiet without it). I am happy to say it has gone great so far! Lately I've had a hard time motivating myself, but with the TV off I have gotten some much done already! I think this is a change that might need to stay (we'll see how the rest of the week goes first).

Have you wanted to make any changes lately? What's stopping you?

UPDATE: There was no new Parenthood so biggest loser will be filling in

Tuesday, January 24


Sorry for the silence! I did not plan on taking a break from blogging, especially for that long! It's been good though! I've been thinking a lot about my priorities and what I want (mostly career wise). I've got it all figured out now though, and it feels good!
How are you doing on your resolutions? I'm doing surprisingly well! I'm eating healthy and working out (sometimes twice a day). I'm also trying to step away from the computer more and create things by hand. Notice the water color up above? I made that. Can you tell I have no idea what I'm doing? It's been fun trying something new!
I currently am working on a few projects and can't wait to share them with you! One is Mason's 1st birthday invitations, inspired by this cake.
I hope you have an amazing and productive day and I hope you'll stick around because I'm back baby!

Tuesday, January 3

Happy New Year

Hello Friends! How was you Christmas? I hope it was filled with family, fun, and relaxation. We had a ton of fun in Livermore over Christmas and on the train (more on that in a later post). Have you made any New Years resolutions? Have you given up on any yet? I have a ton of things to share with you but today I thought I'd just share a few of my resolutions with you. I'm trying to keep them really simple this year so I won't fail so early on in the year.

1. Get Healthy
I have been on so many fad diets in my lifetime it's not even funny, and of course they only work while you are on them (and starving yourself)! This year instead of trying to reach a certain number on the scale I've decided to just get healthy by eating better and exercising as much as possible (anyone want to be my workout buddy?). If you know me you know that I am addicted to sugar so sugar has got to go. I'm not cutting it completely because that would be extreme and then I would most definitely fail. This year it's all about moderation! Anyone else trying to get healthy this year?

2. Create
Do you ever have the urge to create something with your hands? I work on the computer a lot, probably more than I should so this year I want to step away from the computer and create more things by hand. When I was in school we were always encouraged to experiment and create countless sketches, and it was wonderful. Some of my best work has been from playing around, and not trying to "design" anything at all. This year I want to go back to that!

3. Be Friendlier
I'm not all that friendly, but I would like to be, so I'm going to work on it!

4. Grow the Biz
I am so excited to expand designfancyink.com this year. Soon I will be adding shower invitations, business cards, and hope to add a few small gifts as well. I really want to gain more followers here as well as on Facebook! If you guys help me get to 50 followers here on the blog, or 100 followers on Facebook (which ever comes first) then I will do a big giveaway here on the blog!

I feel like this year is already off to a great start and I know exciting thing are to come (like our move to California). I hope your year is happy and successful! Happy New Year!

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