Friday, June 24


family picnic

That's right this is a blupdate! So I know I promised a desktop download for June but as you can tell that didn't happen. CRAZY stuff has been happening in my family.

As some of you may know the hubs and I have been living with my grandparents while we are here in CA. Well unexpectedly my grandpa passed away on memorial day, so ever since then it's been a whirl wind.

Needless to say the blog has been my last priority (eventually I'll get it together and post regularly). Eventually I hope to be as cool as this blog (love her) or this blog (want to dress like her), but until then I will post random things at random times.

So on with the blupdate. Baby is now four months and is a mini Houdini! He's changing right before our eyes and some nights he manages to escape out of his baby straight jacket (some call it a swaddler, I call it a straight jacket, but they totally work). We bought him a new friend. His name is Gerald Giraffe, isn't he cute? Baby loves snuggling with Gerald at night and even has a yellow velour track suit to match too (my mom's fault).

Currently Baby enjoys: long walks, giggling, scooting EVERYWHERE, the sound of his own voice (it's cute most of the time), hanging with mom and dad, "barber shop", baths, TV (my grandma has him hooked), and I recently discovered that he likes looking at books (just like his dad).

As for me and hubs, I am enjoying hanging out with Mason and my grandma, as well as the Bachelorette (oh ashley, you're so blind) and I'm LOVING the Voice (we don't do much around here). Hubs is working hard at his internship, likes where he's working and still likes accounting so that's good!

We are loving life here in California and are dreading the day we have to return to Idaho (but excited to spend time with people our own age again). How's your summer so far? I'd love to hear! Any big plans? We have a family reunion coming up that I will share more about later.


  1. Omg mason looks like a totally different kid. His features have changed from when I saw him. He is still so cute.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. Maybe it's a blessing you guys are there for your grandma. :)

    Your family picture is SO cute! I love the baby! Very very very adorable. :) You are looking wonderful too!!