Monday, June 27

Family Reunion Shirts

Ok so how many ugly reunion shirts do you have hanging out in your closet that you haven't worn since that reunion?  As a designer I'm sad that reunion T's are too often too ugly (Google reunion shirts, you'll see what I mean). The tree above is what I created for our family reunion a few years ago (hopefully it doesn't fall into the too ugly category).

This year the fam decided to have everyone submit ideas and vote on the winner. My cousin set up a site here with all the shirts and a ballot the cast our votes. I voted for the Jon plaid (I chose which one I would most likely wear again). My Grandma's shirt won:

Kinda cute hugh? We haven't decided the final colors for it yet. Do you have a reunion coming up? Will you have a classy t-shirt? Who decides what design to use? Maybe you need some ideas?

Well last week Design Mom introduced a company called Kin. I had seen a few of the designs before but I had no ideas they sold them! I wish we had shirts this cool (I would definitely wear these again)!

Which one is your favorite? I like the circus tent and the bikes, and the... well I like them all.
So if you've got a reunion this summer and want shirts you'll wear again, maybe you should check out Kin.

image via Design Mom


  1. This is Megan...had to tell you because it won't let me leave a comment using my name! Anyhoo...I say next Swan family reunion we make t-shirts and sell them! Gold mine!

  2. Meg don't you remember the one I made a few years ago? The said I may look like an ugly duckling but I'm really a swan. They were a hit! I think it's a great idea!

  3. Haha I didn't see it! That is so cute!!! I've missed the last couple reunions I think, but I hope I'll be there for the next one!!! We'll start making t-shirt plans when we find out when and where!