Friday, July 15

Fancy Stripes

Lately I have had a total obsession with stripes! I love to wear stripes (though they may not be very flattering), decorate with stripes, design with stripes, and pin images of stripes. I don't know what the appeal is but I have to have stripes.

Last week I went to that fashion district in L.A. (which is a must do if you are ever in California) in search of stripes! I was looking for a large navy and white striped fabric for baby's bed (more on this later) and I was hoping for a striped navy and white knit to use for a skirt or t-shirt dress. Well I found some dark teal-ish blue striped linen (which should still match baby's bedding) for a great price. I left home with no striped knit but I did get some black knit to make a t-shirt dress with stripes on top (I'll show you very soon).

Images via Sally, Kellie, Yvonne, Season, Veronica, Jamie, Becca, C F Ives on Pintrest

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