Thursday, January 26

Confession #1

My name is Emily and I am a Wheel of Fortune addict. Phew! Feels good to get that off my chest! It's true: I, like millions of elderly in this country, love Wheel of Fortune, and on top of that, I am really good at it. I even had a Wheel of Fortune game that you could play on the TV plus I have a handheld version that's great for travel. Unfortunately we don't have cable so while we're in Idaho I can't watch. But last summer when we were living with my grandma every single night at 7pm we would sit down to watch Wheel, and I enjoyed every blissful second. Someday I will spin that wheel and win "big money" (come on big money)! Anyone want to be my partner for friends week?


  1. ME! We got three channels on our TV so we would watch wheel every night too! But Braden is better at it then I am, so you might want him for your partner over me.

  2. I would take you as my partner any day! Let's do it!!

  3. haa- thats like me and price is right