Wednesday, January 25

Tune In

This week in our home we are trying a little experiment! We realized that we had been watching too much TV (or Hulu rather since we don't have cable) so this week we are making a change! We are not watching any shows, except for 2. I have allotted myself two hours this week to watch The Bachelor and Parenthood (what?). I was kind of worried about quitting cold turkey because I am home all day with Mason and usually have something running just for the noise (it's so quiet without it). I am happy to say it has gone great so far! Lately I've had a hard time motivating myself, but with the TV off I have gotten some much done already! I think this is a change that might need to stay (we'll see how the rest of the week goes first).

Have you wanted to make any changes lately? What's stopping you?

UPDATE: There was no new Parenthood so biggest loser will be filling in


  1. I LOVE PARENTHOOD, I cry everytime! I miss Hulu so much.. the videos dont play in Canada because of copyright blah blah blah.

  2. Ros that is the worst thing I have ever heard! You should probably just move back! ;)