Tuesday, February 21

The Big 0-1

So Mason had an awesome party in California on Saturday. In fact, it was so great we decided to stay for the week! I thought today I would share a few pictures of him from his party and give you a little Mason update and then next week I'll be sure to share all the party details (there will even be a little DIY for you).

Mason is now one and is such a joy! He is way too much fun. He loves to walk now, open drawers and pull EVERYTHING out, take walks, watch Yo Gabba Gabba, and he likes to make us laugh. His new thing is spitting while he has food in his mouth, which he thinks is hilarious! It kind of is

Until his party we hadn't given Mason any sugar, and I think it is easy to see how he feels about it now!

Want some?

Mason loved opening presents and got some pretty sweet stuff!

He received a  ton of books (which I am really excited about) including a quiet book from Auntie Lollie. Cool right?

Mason also discovered his new found love for sword fighting. I am just praying that this doesn't turn into a "thing."
I hope your weekend was fun like ours and I hope this week is even better! See you next Monday!

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