Monday, February 13

"Love is Sweet" Banner Download


Why hello there! How was your weekend?  We threw a little Valentine's shin dig. It was quite fun! This week we are getting ready for Mason's first birthday party! I can not believe it's been a whole year! I should also throw in the fact that he is a walker now (of 3 days) and we have locked up taped up all our kitchen drawers and cupboards (classy right?). Enough of my bragging.

For our party I created this happy banner to hang above the dessert table. Cute right? Do you want one?
I've decided to turn it into a DIY project for you. I will now try and explain how I did it.

I first placed each letter in Adobe Illustrator and reversed them so when they were cut out I could turn them over and not see any lines. I printed them on water color paper that I had laying around and then ON THE BACK did a few swipes of pink water color across the whole page, leaving so white areas. When that dried I went over some of the areas with red. To add some other textures I added salt to the wet water color (it leaves little dots when the paint is dry). I brushed off the salt, cut out the letters, and stapled the to a piece of yarn. The end. It was that easy!

So do you want to make one? CLICK HERE to download the letters. You can print them on any type of paper and do whatever your heart desires to them! You could use markers, colored pencils, or print them on patterned paper. This would also be a fun project to do with kids!

Have a delightful day and check back tomorrow for another Valentine's surprise!

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