Thursday, November 17

Holiday Entertaining Part 3

Thanksgiving is one week away, are you ready? If you are looking for a little somethin' to impress your guests, look no further! Last Thanksgiving I made these fun, and super easy, little cornucopias for each guest's plate. They were a HUGE hit! I cannot remember where I saw the idea, and I searched for it but have not been able to find it (sorry, I'll let you know when I find the source). Below are the instructions to create an ice cream cone cornucopia.

You will need:

  • sugar cones (ice cream cones with a point)
  • a pot of boiling water with lid
  • vegetable steamer (I just used a colander)
  • tongs are helpful
Bring some water to a boil. While the water is boiling, place steamer (or colander) on top of the pot (this shouldn't touch the water). Put 1 ice cream cone in the steamer and put the lid on the pot. When I did it with my colander the lid didn't fit perfectly on top so I just made sure it covered the cone. Leave the cone in to steam for 7-10 seconds (this may take a little experimenting). The ice cream cone will be extremely hot so with the tongs, take the ice cream cone out of the steamer and quickly bend the back (pointy) end of the cone until you get the perfect cornucopia shape. Make sure to hold it till it cools off a little so it will hold it's shape). Follow these same steps for each cone and then fill them with whatever goodies you prefer (candy, fruit, etc.).

Next week is sure to be hectic with last minute preparations so, you could make these this weekend and then just pull them out on the big day (be careful not to crack them). These will definitely impress guests of all ages! ENJOY!

Next week I'll be sharing my favorite pumpkin treats that aren't pie and a black friday guide.

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