Wednesday, November 23

The New Helmet Hair

Did you know my baby has a helmet? I don't think I've mentioned it. Well, he does. Why you ask? (it's ok EVERYONE does) A few months ago we noticed he had a flat spot on his head that wasn't improving so we had him checked and he was diagnosed with plagiocephaly (sounds scary right? it's not). He's just has to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day and keep it on for 3-5 months. We also have to take him in to get it checked and adjusted every 2 weeks.

People ask if it hurts him or bothers him. We hear most babies cry and fuss the first couple weeks they have it on but our little trooper has seemed to never notice. He in fact likes to play with his helmet, it's his favorite toy (kinda strange I know).

Today we had a those check-up and his head is doing amazing. He has made HUGE improvements in only a month and a half. We are so excited and so proud of our little man's head! Woohoo!

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