Wednesday, November 30

Paper Snow

Hello my friends! How have you been? Are you so excited Christmas is near? I am! What are your favorite things to do this time of year? Do you have family traditions? Have you started your own traditions? I've been thinking a lot about traditions lately, which ones I want to carry over from my childhood and new ones for our little Mason baby. This year we won't really be starting any traditions because we will be gone for about 10 in December, plus we are moving in April.

One thing I will be doing this season is making paper snowflakes. This is one of my favorite things to do (in fact I do it throughout the year, it's very therapeutic). I love that you can fold a piece of paper, make a few cuts, open it and it's a different masterpiece every time!

A few nights ago I got bored so I pulled out scissors and paper and got to work making little snowflakes. Since we won't be around much in December our Christmas decor budget is $0 so I thought it would be cute to sew a bunch of snowflakes together to make a garland, or suspend them at different heights in our front window. I haven't officially decided what to do with them yet, but I think I need a lot more to make an impact!

This one is my favorite! It reminds me of the native looking patterns that are really popular right now.

What do you think I should do with these beauties? Please share your ideas, and I'd love to hear about your Christmas traditions!

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