Tuesday, November 1

'Tis the Season

Why hello there friends! Did you have a wonderful Halloween? Did you trick-or-treat? What did you dress up as? How much candy did you get? Did you know, according to The Biggest Loser last week Americans eat an average of 24lbs or candy per person, per year. I went trick-or-treating for the first time in a LONG time (like since middle school) with my "little monster" of course! We didn't bring home 24 lbs, but it was a pretty good load for a first timer (too bad he doesn't get to eat it).

So have you taken family photo's yet for your holiday cards? Get them ready because 6 photo cards just opened up in the design fancy shop last night! I'm so excited to have them up for you to purchase! Which one will you choose? I haven't decided which one I want to send out for my family yet! I kind of love this one in orange though.

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