Monday, December 12

Gingerbread Party

Yesterday we had a few friends over to for a little gingerbread house party, it's sort of becoming a tradition for us. This is a really fun and simple idea if you want to throw one yourself. We had each couple bring their own house and a candy to share. We bought our kit from Target this year and it came with EVERYTHING! It had pre-made white royal icing as well as red and green and all the candy you would need. This kit did not have the house pre- assembled so we tried to assemble it our selves and it was sort of an epic fail. Our icing did not harden quick enough so while we were still trying to assemble it one side fell and broke in half. We never did get the roof to stay on (it's resting on the wall just for this picture).

The hubs decorated the roof pieces separately and I decorated a wall and a half (not my finest work).

Needless to say our house is a disaster but the party was a success! No one finished their houses but we had great conversation AND Jon  and I were "psychoanalyzed." Here's a few mor pictures of our little home.
Tomorrow I'll be sharing our Christmas cards here so be sure to check back then!

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