Thursday, December 1

Christmas Colors

When you think of Christmas colors you, I'm guessing, immediately think of red and green. Red and Green are classic and always look great for the season, but are you wanting something a little different? Today I've complied a few different color schemes that are modern, bight, and still festive to inspire your decor this year.

I love the "peacock blue" with the hints of red in this one!

Hello! Isn't the mint with the black and white chevron amazing! This color is so inspiring to me, in fact it inspired this card. I am CRAZY about this!

Have you seen work by Emily Henderson from HGTV? The girl in a genius! You have to see her globe snowmen, who thinks of that? She does! This color scheme is based off of her holiday special on HGTV, check it out!!

Hope you were inspired! Now go buy some hot pink ornaments and get decorating!

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  1. oh i love these color swatches! SO PRETTY!

  2. I absolutely love Emily Henderson! She is amazing and I love her quirkiness. Thanks for sharing these color inspiration boards.