Tuesday, December 20

Pack it up

Really quick I just have to brag about my weekend! On Friday my husband gave me an early Christmas present. It was a much needed gift card for a massage. THEN he surprised me with a babysitter on Saturday so we could have a date night (which we hadn't had in a long time)! Awesome right? I am so lucky! On to the post...

Today we are packing up to head to California tomorrow! Have I mentioned we are taking the train? I am so excited, I've never taken a train, unless you count the one at Knotts Berry Farm (but I don't). Have you taken a train anywhere? How was it? I'm a little worried for Mason because he only sleeps in his car seat or crib and we will have neither of those AND we're traveling in the middle of the night AND the ride is almost 18 hrs. Any pointers? I would love to hear!

Unfortunately I just looked at the weather report and of course it will be snowy and windy tomorrow of all days! We still have so much to do! The laundry is still piled and the only suitcase packed is the one full of Christmas presents.

I am excited, however, because tomorrow I get to meet my best friend's new little baby before they head off to Canada FOREVER (rethink it Ros).

Have an amazing Christmas everyone! I will definitely take pictures of our train adventure and will be sure to share them with you!

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  1. I'm so excited to see you guys! But you just need to get passports and come visit us in Canada! This year its the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede! IT WILL BE HUGE! You should come!