Monday, February 11

Count Down to V-Day

V-Day is almost here! Have you downloaded the Valentine Printables yet? Is Valentine's day a big deal in your house? Do you buy gifts for your significant other? Do you buy gifts for your kids? Growing up we always got a a carmel apple from The Chocolate Factory (apple pie is the best). I'm really interested to hear what your giving/ getting this year for valentines day.
Valentine's day isn't so big in our house, which is good because I married an accountant so I pretty much won't be celebrating on Valentine's day ever. Don't feel bad though, we're celebrating on the 22nd when we go to see WICKED! See I told you not to feel bad.
We are exchanging gifts for Valentine's day, in fact I've been getting some of my favorite treats this last week because Jon didn't want to wait to give them to me. Last night we enjoyed the chocolate almond butter he got me on waffles. It was SO GOOD.
What types of gifts do you give? Is it teddy bears and chocolates? I am a super practical gift giver. If it can't be used more than once, I don't waste my money. For Jon that usually means clothes for practically every holiday. For Mason, it's toys and clothes. This is the first time we're celebrating Valentine's with Mason and I want to make it fun. Any cute little ideas of what to get him? Please share!
P.S. Like my chalkboard? That was my Christmas present from Jon, and I finally hung it this weekend. I love it, but please excuse the art (my chalk pencils were dying).

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