Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are having a love-ly day (too cheesy?). We started out our day with pink heart pancakes or as Mason calls them "cancakes." They were a big hit!

Mason was invited to a little valentine party so I threw the above valentines together yesterday for him to hand out to his little friends. I found the super balls in the party favor section of target for $1 for 12 balls. I thought this was more age appropriate than the other valentines I had already created.

Tonight we will be having our annual pizza picnic but sadly the hubs will be working late so it's just Mason and I this year. What is a pizza picnic you ask? Well, every year on Valentine's Day since we started dating Jon and I have ordered a pizza, laid out blankets and pillows and rented a movie to watch while we chow down. It's sort of our favorite date together!

I hope your day is filled with love and chocolate. Mason'd birthday party is Saturday so check in next week for all the party details! I cannot wait to share!!

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