Monday, February 18

Happy Birthday Mason

Today is Mason's 2nd birthday! Hard to believe it's been another year, but this year has been fun with my little buddy. He is such a sweet kid. He loves giving kisses and will come up and hug my leg randomly throughout the day. This kid is happy from the moment he wakes up and politely hollers "out pleath" til someone goes and gets him.
This kid loves to eat, but loves to eat really healthy things. He can never get enough fruit, and can down 4 clementines in 1 sitting (more if I'd let him). He enjoys salad and green smoothies and is a vegetarian (unless we're at chick-fil-a). His favorite foods though are waffles and pizza. Every morning when I ask what he wants for breakfast the answer is always "waffle" (I also get the same answer for lunch and dinner) but he doesn't always get what he wants :). Whenever we bring home a box he assumes it's pizza and will run to the box and start saying "mmm mmm mmm." It's hardly ever pizza.
He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (who doesn't?) and loves to color in his Mickey Mouse coloring book. We love drawing with chalk outside our apartment together and he always makes me draw a "buth" for him (that's a bus for those of you that don't speak Mason).
We have a park 2 block from our apartment and we go there almost 1 a day because Mason LOVES to be outside, he also enjoys playing with everyone else's toys at the park (never his own of course). Mason is already a California kid and enjoys the beach, and is not afraid of the waves at all. When he get's knocked over, he just gets back up and runs into the surf again.
This kid is crazy about his little football, we almost never leave home without it!
I think what he loves most are dogs. He lights up when he sees my grandma's dog (pictured above). He quite good with her and love to drag her on walks and pick her up and hug squeeze her (sorry Noel) :)
We are overjoyed to have this little man in our family, he brings so much laughter and joy into our lives! Happy Birthday Bubs! We love you!

Check in later this week for the cutest camping party you've ever seen!

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