Friday, February 8

Printable Valentine Part 3- I Think You're DINO-MITE!

Ok friends, here is part 3 of my printable valentines series. This one is my little Mason's favorite (I practically had to pry the dinosaurs out of his hand to photograph these). I found these mini dinos at the dollar tree and I love them! seriously, neon dinosaurs? How can you go wrong? Plus, I created these so you can get 6 per sheet. Let's take a closer look at these bright little dinos!

Look at that face, he is just begging to be on a valentine! If you would like, you could also put the dino in a bag and fold the valentine over the top and staple it. If you missed them, check out part 1 and part 2 of the series. Click the download button below to get the printable valentine before they're extinct (get it)!

Terms of Use: This download is for personal use only and may not be reproduced or distributed without written consent of Emily Camp. You are welcome to publish 1 photo with a link back to this post (not the download itself) with credit if you want to share the post on your own blog. If you wish to use more photos, or would like to use the download for any purpose besides personal, please email Emily Camp with any requests. Thank You.

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