Friday, February 1

Happy February

Happy February Friends! I hope January treated you well. January in California has been amazing! I actually like winter again now that we aren't living in Idaho.

I thought since it's the first day of February I share some past valentines posts in case you're already looking for pink and red decor or you want to start DIYing some heart day cards.

For decor check out this post that is pictured above. You can print out the letter outlines and watercolor them like I did, or here's a fun idea, let your kids do it! So fun! I think I might do it again and let the little one have his hand at it.

Looking for a fun and different valentine to hand out? Check out the Lips ans 'Staches post for the printable. Want to make this Idea really fresh? Print the lips and mustaches on fun and funky colored paper! Neon pink lips? don't mind if I do! A green mustache? That's just crazy!

Be sure to check back on Monday! I have 3 new and really fun valentines to share and I will be showing off the first one on Monday! See you then.

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